Holocene unlocks supply chain transparency for global brands

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Weak transparency costs your CPG business wasted resources and lost customers

Compliance and sustainability are crucial for consumer packaged goods. But it’s impossible to achieve these goals when you’re unable to track parts or products across your supply chain - and when you’re exposed to the risk of staff burnout at peak production periods.


Sustainability is a struggle. Duplicate processes are inherently wasteful. Poor transparency will undermine any efforts to build an efficient and accountable supply chain.

Staff Burnout

Staff struggles hurt your business. Burnout and staff unavailability at peak periods will disrupt your order-to-ship times and damage your customer experience.


Compliance is complex. Rules can change overnight and your goods can be rejected or fined. Perishable goods can shrink or spoil - yet you lack the visibility or tools to respond.


Enable sustainability with a transparent and accountable supply chain

Make sustainability easy. Holocene offers a tactical view of your CPG supply chain in one centralized dashboard that’s packed with actionable intelligence.

Your team can use their Holocene Control Tower to identify and remove process bottlenecks and reduce your operational costs - with every distribution and procurement task in one place.

Process standardization and automation will eliminate waste and duplicate efforts.

Holocene enables transparency and sustainability across supply chains for consumer packaged goods.


Protect your CPG business from burnout  with supply chain process automation

Hand your repetitive tasks to Holocene. Automate any standardized procurement or distribution process - and free your team to focus on customer service and growth.

Holocene can capture your team’s expertise and model their interactions with external service providers - then standardize and automate each process.

Automation will free your team from tedious and repetitive tasks - and reduce your CPG brand’s exposure to burnout and staff unavailability.

Holocene includes 23 proprietary machine learning models that capture procurement information and validate every detail based on granular rules.

Holocene automates tedious tasks - so your team can focus on customer service and growth.


Achieve compliance for consumer packaged goods on autopilot

Mitigate expensive compliance risks. Holocene can proactively identify and mitigate expensive governance risks before they happen.

Your Holocene Control Tower offers a tactical view of your consumer packaged goods company’s supply chain and potential compliance risks.

This centralized dashboard makes it easy to achieve compliance across your flow of goods and proactively spot governance and regulatory risks that could cost your business millions of dollars.

Holocene protects consumer packaged goods companies from expensive governance risks.


Are you ready to gain total material flow transparency?

Discover the countless ways that Holocene can solve your supply chain challenges and transform your business - with a free 30-minute discovery demo.


Launch in weeks with Holocene as your supply chain partner

Move faster with an agile partner. Holocene includes a rapid and reliable path to achieve full deployment and ensure successful change management - with onsite training delivered anywhere on earth.

STEP 1 / 3-4 WEEKS

Map your supply chain order flows

Our team will capture your human knowledge and standardize each order flow within Holocene.


Connect your systems and data

Next we’ll connect Holocene to your ERP and warehouse management tools - with custom APIs if required.

STEP 3 / 2-3 WEEKS

Train your team and ensure success

We deliver onsite training anywhere on earth to optimize each process and ensure successful change management.

Integrate your supply chain platform and tools with Holocene

Leverage your existing intelligence. Holocene includes native APIs for many major platforms like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft - and our experts can build reliable custom integrations for anything else that you need.

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Are you ready to boost your operational capacity?

Discover the countless ways that Holocene can solve your supply chain challenges and transform your business - with a free 30-minute discovery demo.