Holocene enables trade in a borderless world

Our tools and technologies form the foundation for a platform that will predict the impact of any global event on your supply chain - and help to transform our society into a knowledge-driven economy.

We’re often consumed by mundane and repetitive tasks. It’s difficult to understand what’s happening outside our ecosystem - and how global events will affect us. Holocene changes everything.

Navneet Lekshminarayanan
Managing Director

Supply chains are the pillars of society - but they’re disconnected

Holocene was based on an observation. Global events typically emerge in patterns - and anyone who can predict the impact of these patterns will gain a competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, we’re often consumed by mundane and repetitive tasks and stuck within operational towers - so it’s difficult to make sense of events outside our ecosystem.

We often feel blindsided by ‘unexpected problems’ that should be predictable.Supply chains are the pillars of modern society - and the clearest example of an opportunity to unlock value with predictive tools and automation.

We interviewed hundreds of supply chain leaders to build a clear model of their challenges and opportunities. We launched Holocene in 2022.


Holocene connects people and processes with supply chains

Our technologies automate supply chains and free humans to make big-picture, strategic decisions that improve the customer experience, drive growth and unlock value.


We set a new standard for operational agility. Holocene  removes supply chain bottlenecks with process automation and frees people to focus on growth and customer service.


We truly listen to our customers. Holocene uses machine learning and emerging technologies to solve problems that are discovered with constant customer feedback.


We deliver compounding value. Holocene frees supply chain teams from repetitive tasks, unlocks trapped cash and mitigates governance issues before they happen.


Holocene will deliver machine-to-machine transactions by 2027

Help us build the future. Our automation technologies form the foundation for a world where orders will be automatically picked, placed and shipped - with no human intervention.

Our mission is to develop an AI model that can replicate human society and predict the supply chain impact of any kind of event or trend - from extreme weather and political unrest to complex consumer behaviors.

Holocene will become a crucial second brain for anyone who works with supply chains.


Meet Holocene’s founders

Managing Director

He leads Holocene’s vision and the team’s strategy to harmonize international supply chain data and connect the dots.

Managing Director

He connects logistics and supply chain leaders and professionals with Holocene’s game-changing technologies - like cloud trade compliance.

We can show and prove the waste that Holocene eliminates and the the operational savings that we will enjoy in terms of cost and activity. Holocene is a no-brainer.

Director of EMEA Logistcs

There’s no real competition. Holocene has really taken this niche. Their solution wasn’t developed in the war room - it was developed in the trenches.

VP of Supply Chain

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