About Us

At Holocene, we want to enable everyone to do business in a borderless world. We do that by bringing stability and predictability in cross-border Supply Chain for prosperous business. We are a Supply Chain & Logistics solutions leading company radically improving our customers' experience.

  • Our vision

To ensure everyone can do business in a world without borders

At Holocene we have this dream that the world can be borderless and that everyone will be able to trade with no barriers.

  • Our Mission

To bring speed, quality and efficiency to cross-border supply chains

At Holocene, we aim for worldwide stable and predictable cross-border Supply Chain operations so every company can do business prosperously.

  • Team

Transform your cross-border supply chain with Holocene

Holocene employs world-class engineers with different Supply Chain, Logistics and Tech backgrounds and gets insights from the best business experts from all over the world. Our common passion is Logistics & Supply Chain and we want to bring it at such a level to give trade prosperity to the world by building the best AI-driven software. Find out more about who we are, what drives us and how you can join.


Holocene Management

Navneet Lekshminarayanan
Co Founder & Managing Director
With 13 years of experience scaling revenues of early-stage B2B SaaS ventures to multi-million dollar businesses in his tenure, Navneet aims to give the best customer experience to the Logistics & Supply Chain world.
Romain Fayolle
Co Founder & Managing Director
Seasoned professional with 8 years of experience in different international industries, Romain wants to connect Logistics & Supply Chain leaders and professionals with the game-changing Artificial Intelligence technologies.