SITL 2022

April 10, 2022

From April 5-8, 2022, Holocene had the opportunity to attend the SITL (Semaine de l’Innovation du Transport & de la Logistique, or Transport & Logistics Innovation Week) in Paris, France. 

SITL has been globally recognised as an unmissable event for the transport and logistics industries for nearly forty years. The conference highlights innovative products and services within eight sectors:

  1. Transport and Logistics Services
  2. Intralogistics, Robotics, and Automation
  3. Packaging and Pallet
  4. Technologies, IoT, and Information Systems
  5. Energy and Transport Equipment
  6. Real-Estate and Logistics Infrastructures
  7. Security, Safety, and Cyber
  8. Cold Chain

The four-day gathering featured 500 exhibitors, 150 conferences, and 30,000 participants. We were thrilled to be in the room with so many intelligent minds.

At Holocene, we’re dedicated to easing your cross-border logistics and supply chain operations, so it was imperative that we were present. 

We attended SITL because it offered our team the opportunity to discover numerous innovative products and customer-oriented services presented by people with a deep passion for their solutions. We were able to attend insightful conferences to learn about international trade and customs challenges and the supply chain transformation. 

The event exposed us to the different areas of expertise across the industry and helped generate new ideas for the future of our solutions. We also fostered new connections that will hopefully lead to future collaborations as our world continues to evolve.

As our team members digest everything they learned at SITL, we’re still focused on providing a seamless way to automate and digitise trade compliance with cloud and AI technologies.

Holocene enables you to transform your scattered manual instructions into actionable business rules. Our programme allows you to check your shipment documents automatically before shipping so you can focus on critical tasks while we handle documents compliance with our 100% plug-and-play solution.

We’ve tirelessly worked to craft an agile, transparent, low-cost solution that actively makes users’ lives easier. Teaming up with Holocene opens the door to connections with business leaders, digital players, and industry experts, from having all the information you need about trade policies to executing operations with top-tier methods and tools.

The work is never done, and we intend to keep moving forward. We’ve proven this through our attendance at SITL because it demonstrates our commitment to continued development. Our team members aren’t satisfied with “good enough;” we want Holocene to be the cream of the crop. 

We look forward to the continued benefits that our trip to SITL will reap, and we look forward to attending again next year.

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Romain Fayolle

Co Founder & Managing Director

Strong with 8 years of experience in different international industries, Romain wants to connect Logistics & Supply Chain leaders and professionals with the game-changing technology