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How BEUMER Group Enhanced Shipment Efficiency and Process Management with Holocene’s solution

August 31, 2023

About BEUMER Group

BEUMER Group is a global machinery industry leader with a presence in over 70 countries and a workforce of 5,400, specializing in providing intralogistic solutions. These encompass conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sortation, and baggage handling. 

The Goals of BEUMER Group

In pursuit of operational excellence, BEUMER Group faced key objectives:

Enhancing shipment efficiency, while reducing human errors

BEUMER Group recognized the need to standardize, optimize, digitize, and automate document processing. Their main aim was to cut down on time-consuming manual tasks for their import- export coordinators and minimize the chance of human errors. This approach would not only boost overall productivity for the workforce by automating tasks, but also ensure data accuracy. As a result of automation, the risks of consequential delays at customs and of Demurrage and Detention (D&D) would also be reduced, which would ultimately make their operations more efficient and safeguard financial results from unwanted hidden costs. 

Improving process management capabilities

BEUMER Group aimed to improve their process management capabilities worldwide. They wanted to gain more visibility and control to their entire supply chain journey, right from their suppliers to their customers. By achieving this, they could better manage their processes, make informed decisions, and optimize their overall approach to operations while growing in the respective markets.

How Holocene’s Solution Helped BEUMER Group Enhance their Global Supply Chain

Holocene, with its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities driven by Machine Learning (ML), helped BEUMER Group make the difference and improve its international supply chain operations in several ways:

Increased Teams Capacity

Consequently, the teams need to deal with more and more shipments in a complex global environment. Thanks to Holocene’s automation solution, many admin tasks have been taken over, relieving team members from stress and risks of burnout. While using worldwide different systems and methodologies, Holocene’s solution provided the opportunity to standardize, optimize, digitize and automate how the import-export specialists are working. With less manual tasks, there is now more capacity in the teams for more strategic-related tasks, such as proactive problem-solving, stakeholders - suppliers, customers, forwarders, colleagues - facing activities, or analytics responsibilities.

Increased Document Accuracy through Automation

Apart from using separate systems, import-export coordinators internationally use different methods, aiding operational fragmentation and risks. Automating quality activities such as import documents' control or export documents' creation with Holocene's software eliminated human errors while expediting document processing. It facilitated digitization in a single-window tool, eliminating the need for manual handling of separate documents and reducing communication dependencies.

Unified Global Access Platform

Beumer stakeholders related to import-export coordinators, procurement, logistics, supply chain leaders, sales and project managers navigate various systems, leading to fragmented knowledge across different countries and a gap in both system comprehension and human expertise. Holocene’s software solution centralizes knowledge, methods, processes, and information into a unified platform, accessible to users across all served countries. This approach breaks siloes, boosts collaboration, eliminates duplicates, bridges knowledge gaps and promotes streamlined operations.

The Key Outcomes: Increased Productivity, Perfect Order Rate, and Cost Savings

BEUMER Group’s collaboration with Holocene resulted in contributing to their operational productivity and financial profitability:

  • 15% Increase in Cost Savings: The optimization of supply chain processes, leading to reduction of direct, indirect, and hidden costs, resulted in remarkable 15% reduction in costs.
  • 248 Hours of Gained Productivity: The optimization and automation efforts resulted in a significant increase in productivity, freeing up approximately 248 hours that could be better utilized for high added-value core tasks.
  • +8% Perfect Order Rate Increase: With improved shipment efficiency and reduced risks, BEUMER Group experienced an 8% increase in their perfect order rate. This positively impacted their inbound inventory metrics as well as their customer satisfaction. 

Discover how Holocene can Revolutionize your Operations

Holocene revolutionizes cross-border logistic processes through the automation of import-export import-export workflows, eliminating manual repetitive tedious tasks and creating a robust single source of data for supply chain professionals. We offer Robotic Process Automation software, specialized for cross-border logistic professionals, whether it's procurement, supply chain or distribution. 

How it works for import operations:

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