April 3, 2024

Holocene’s Strategic Partnership with Codept to Enhance Supply Chain Transparency

Discover how Holocene's partnership with Codept redefines supply chain transparency and efficiency.
Romain Fayolle

In a time of rapid transformation in the logistics and supply chain business, Holocene is proud to partner with Codept, a leading international logistics integration platform that helps logistics providers streamline IT integration projects. This partnership will redefine end-to-end process transparency from order to delivery. This alliance is a crucial step on our road to efficiency and innovation within the supply chain sector, particularly for service supply chains eager to save time.

The Partnership Vision: Strategic Goal Behind the Partnership

A key value of this partnership will be the commitment to provide transparency throughout the process — right down to the final stage of transportation booking for more customers. This integration improves compliance, booking efficiency, and order processing, eliminating supply chain bottlenecks. "Our objective is removing these bottlenecks in time-critical service supply chains — a space where innovation is lacking," says Holocene Managing Director Navneet Lekshminarayanan. This vision is consistent with Holocene's long-term goal of helping enhance supply chain efficiency and transparency for our clients.

Why Codept?

Lekshminarayanan highlighted two critical factors that made Codept stand out as the preferred partner: technology and agility. Codept's platform is built on a modern, efficient tech stack, setting it apart from the vast majority of legacy systems in the market. Moreover, Codept's agility in adapting to the dynamic needs of the supply chain mirrors Holocene's values, reducing the time to value for new customers to just a few hours.

Direct Benefits for Holocene's Clients

This partnership is set to bring significant advantages to Holocene's clients. In a landscape where external activities like transportation generate 80% of distribution intelligence, clients often face efficiency losses when managing global distribution processes with multiple forwarders or Logistics Service Providers (LSPs). Through this collaboration, our customer base (including online retailers) can expect a reduction in the time goods spend waiting in warehouses for compliant transportation execution. "This end-to-end order-to-delivery process transparency could reduce order cycle times by 10-15%," Lekshminarayanan adds, highlighting the tangible benefits of this partnership.

Integration and Enhanced Services

Codept’s services will integrate seamlessly with Holocene’s solutions, providing a unified experience that aligns with our ethos of reducing users' cognitive burden. Clients can expect enhanced services and new features that offer a one-click view of their supply chain processes. This integration promises to streamline operations and improve efficiency across the board.

A Vision for the Future

This association with Codept is more than just a strategic alliance. It's a step in redefining what's feasible in supply chain management. With Holocene's supply chain optimization expertise and Codept's technology, we're redefining customer-centricity, transparency, and efficiency.

Together with Codept, we're ready to transform supply chains — to be agile, adaptive, and resilient to the changing world. For our clients, this alliance shows our dedication to providing innovative services and solutions to meet their changing requirements. “We're thrilled with the possibilities this collaboration opens, and we look forward to helping our customers build a more transparent and effective supply chain,” says Lekshminarayanan.  

Future Collaborations

Looking ahead, both Holocene and Codept are committed to breaking the inertia brought by legacy systems and accelerating digital logistics transformation, including documentation processes. This partnership is just the beginning for all parties involved, with plans for future collaborative projects already on the horizon.

Innovation, in many cases, is all about the right partnerships. Our focus remains on leveraging this collaboration to deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients' complex demands and set new industry benchmarks. In an age where global warming is a big issue and supply chains are hounded to be more eco-friendly, we are paving the way for a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable future in supply chain management. For further information, do get in touch with us.


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