Supply Chain

Cross-border supply chains involve the movement of goods, services, and information across international borders and are essential for global trade. While they can bring benefits, they can also present challenges like navigating different regulations. Effective management is key to overcoming these challenges and maximizing the benefits of cross-border supply chains.

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Coordinating the movement of goods and information through multiple transportation modes across international borders is complex.


All aspects of the global supply chain need ensured visibility — including the continuity between S&OP and S&OE.


There is an essential need to comply with laws and regulations in a constantly changing landscape, including customs and trade regulations.


Managing, analyzing, and transforming large amounts of data into insights to inform supply chain decisions is challenging.


Identifying and proposing solutions for inefficiencies within a supply chain is problematic with today’s tools and methodologies.


Managing and mitigating risks related to procurement activities, including financial, legal, and reputational risk.


Controlling direct and indirect costs and identifying and decreasing hidden expenses are essential for a sustainable business.


Risks in Global Supply Chain are numerous and difficult to anticipate, and mitigating them is a must to safeguard an organization’s financial position.


Global supply chain decision-making processes require transparency and accuracy, especially related to financial reporting.

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Anand Singh

VP Integrated Supply Chain

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