All-in-one platform

All processes conducted in Holocene are centralised. You can easily control the entire shipping and trade compliance process for all your shipments within the software from your registration onwards. If you have questions or need support on a specific shipment, our team is always here to support you as soon as possible.

Transparent analysis

Alerts, recommendations, and status are stated in detail for every shipment, complete with the information on necessary documents, data accuracy monitoring, and real-time shipment status. You will clearly understand what’s needed to make your shipment documents compliant with regional laws. Every alert and recommendation is based on our Knowledge Base that has been carefully crafted based on global business rules. There are no unknowns because of our AI, which dynamically extracts as much data as possible from the world and your shipment documents.

Full data security

At Holocene, we take security extremely seriously. We know how much intellectual property lies within each shipping instruction and shipment document. Holocene was developed with high-level security in mind from the beginning, and all accounts are safeguarded by two-factor authentication. Every file is securely stored and backed up on our servers in Germany.Your data can be made accessible to your team members to enable collaboration safely within Holocene. You can also securely share files externally via a password-protected link.
  • Holocene engine

Holocene is Empowered by Great Technology

Shipment identification data and exhaustive knowledge based on business rules as nodes replaces the traditional newsletter, informal communities and internal instructions. Nodes in the graph are created through a proprietary compliance analysis software that transforms your instructions into business rules. The precise business rules can then be used to check your shipment documents compliance and give you alerts and recommendations in case it is not compliant.

  • Benefits

The Benefits of Holocene

+400% Shipment processing rate

With Holocene, you standardise, digitise, and automate your documents’ preparation, which accelerates your operations and increases the shipment processing speed.

-99% Customs Clearance related errors

With Holocene, your shipment documents are automatically checked against the trade compliance business rules to ensure they are error-free and customs-compliant.

+15% Savings in Customs Expenses

With Holocene, you accelerate your customs operations and avoid customs clearance related errors, reducing both direct and indirect customs expenses.

+99% Savings in Customs Penalties

With Holocene, you benefit from ensuring that compliant shipments pass through customs seamlessly. Say goodbye to penalties such as Detention & Demurrage.
  • Holocene Cloud TRADE COMPLIANCE

How can cloud trade compliance accelerate global trade

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Holocene is agnostic to Geography, Company Size and Industry type

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